Check the status of your handset

WARNING: This IMEI check only provides details of those phones reported and blocked at the time of the inquiry therefore it is not conclusive. If the owner of the phone does not report it lost or stolen prior to your purchase, the resulting IMEI check cannot identify it as a lost or stolen handset..

All buyers of second-hand mobile phones should request proof of ownership at the time of purchase.

There is often a 3-5 day lag between a phone being blocked and this information showing up on this website.

Important message for owners of SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 7 devices: these devices were subject to product safety recall by the ACCC in Sept 2016. From 15 Dec 2016 these devices will not be able to connect to Australian mobile networks. All customers are urged to power down/switch off and return such devices to the place of purchase for replacement or refund. Contact either your service provider or Samsung customer service on 1300 362 603,

You can also find out more about the recall here:

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